Rachel Lindsay Didn't Have Sex with Nick Viall in the Fantasy Suite ... Because of Donald Trump

Rachel Lindsay took full advantage of the Fantasy Suite on The Bachelor...to catch up on some shut eye

Rachel Lindsay took full advantage of the Fantasy Suite on The Bachelor … to catch up on some shut eye.

The former Bachelorette recently appeared on theBachelor Party podcast, where she confessed that her chances with leading man Nick Viall were foiled by an unexpected source: Donald Trump.

Lindsay, 32, was filming The Bachelor during the 2016 presidential election and learned that Trump had won while the Viall and the final three contestants were abroad.

“I was in Finland, jet-lagged. We missed our flight in New York. It was just a mess,” she said. “So I land, I can’t go to sleep and I’m watching BBC. They’re all like ‘Hillary [Clinton] is going to win by this’ and you can just tell everything changes. And you’re like ‘Oh great. It’s going to be Trump?’ No one can believe it. It was so bad.”

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She added, “I had my date the next day, and I couldn’t get in the right head space. I drank a lot. I passed out in the Fantasy Suite. This is my first time actually saying that. I just went to sleep. We had no talking that night.”

Lindsay clarified that she did not have sex with Viall.

“I did nothing! I did nothing but sleep,” she revealed. “I got my best sleep in the Fantasy Suite!”

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Lindsay was sent home at the next rose ceremony, and Trump may be to blame.

“He’s the reason I got sent home. Because I passed out in the Fantasy Suite!” she joked.

Things worked out just fine for Lindsay, though. She went on to become next to hand out the roses on The Bachelorette, ultimately getting engaged to Bryan Abasolo — and the walk down the aisle isn’t far away.

Though they don’t have the exact date nailed down, the nuptials will take place this year.

“We haven’t set anything yet. We definitely want to get married this year, and that’s the plan,” Abasolo, 37, recently told Extra. “2018, it’s gonna happen.”

“The only thing is the details haven’t been worked out,” he continued. “Rachel isn’t much of a planner, so she’ll kind of deal with it as it comes along, but, you know, right now, we’re just taking our time.”

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Abasolo also revealed that he and Lindsay “would definitely be open to a televised wedding.”

“Right now, we enjoy showing everybody how in love we are,” he said. “And I think that would be the culmination of our love story, or the beginning of it. I think we would definitely enjoy doing it on national television.”

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