During a post-premiere sit down with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay confirming she and finacé she met on the show are very much in love

By Dave Quinn
May 23, 2017 09:07 AM

Rachel Lindsay‘s journey on The Bachelorette is just beginning for viewers, but the 31-year-old civil defense attorney assures them it already has a happy ending.

During a post-premiere sit-down with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday, Lindsay opened up about the romance she found on the long-running ABC reality dating show — confirming she and her mystery man are engaged and very much in love.

“I don’t plan on a breakup,” Lindsay told Kimmel, when asked about her fiancé.

As Kimmel noted, it’s the first time a Bachelorette or Bachelor star has gone into the season already telling the press she/he is engaged. But for Lindsay — who is Bachelor Nation’s first black lead  – it made sense.

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“This is a season of firsts,” Lindsay said. “I think they were like, ‘You know what, you’re so excited, you’re glowing, just do it.”

Of course, she and her unnamed beau have a long way to go before they can discuss their relationship publicly. The two just finished filming the show 10 days ago, Lindsay explained, and “had a couple of days together” after he proposed.

Paul Hebert/ABC

Now, they’ll be kept apart until after the season finale — which will be difficult, no doubt. Luckily, as a lawyer, Lindsay has plenty of practice in keeping confidentiality.

“I feel like I was groomed for this,” she joked.

It’s helped that she’s been able to tell her family. Though she trusts them, Lindsay is worried her sister will spilled the beans early.

“She’s the weakest link,” Lindsay said. “She’ll kill me for saying that.”

While Lindsay and her husband-to-be wait to share their relationship with the world, she’s staying busy. Next week, she goes back to work.

“My boss said, ‘Go Rachel — go out there and find love.’ But he also said, ‘You better come back,’ ” she said.


And if it’s hard to stay apart until the show’s conclusion airs, Lindsay can at least take cuddles from her dog Cooper in the meantime — who is appearing on The Bachelorette with her this season.

“He demanded it!” Lindsay explained of Cooper’s involvement. “That’s my dog child, and he said, ‘Whoever’s going to be my new daddy… [I need] to be a part of it.’ He’s a diva.”

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Elsewhere on the show, Lindsay dished about some of the premiere’s most outrageous contestants — including “Wahboom” Lucas, who she surprisingly gave a rose too.

“I said I wanted to be entertained the first night. And as you can see, he did that to the fullest,” Lindsay said, admitting later that his shtick put her off “a little bit.”

“I was curious to see what Lucas was about — not the Wahboom,” she said.

Kimmel also asked her to take a lie detector test and gave his picks for the show’s final three.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays (9 p.m. ET) on ABC.