"That's what the tyranny of wokeism does. Without free speech, grace, understanding and humility, you can't 'get real,' as the show's catchphrase so famously says," Rachel Campos-Duffy said

By Dory Jackson
June 11, 2021 07:29 PM

Rachel Campos-Duffy is concerned that The Real World franchise isn't able to be as "real" as it once was.

In an interview with The Wrap published on Friday, the Real World alum shared her opinions on how "wokeism" is negatively impacting society, as well as the long-running reality series.

"I've been hearing about the new Real World reunions," said Campos-Duffy, 49, referencing The Real World Homecoming reunion show for Paramount+. "I have many old and dear friends from my Real World days and it will be fun to watch and see what their post-MTV lives and families are like."

She added, "But I doubt anything like my season of the Real World in San Francisco could ever be made in today's woke cancel culture."

Rachel Campos-Duffy
Credit: Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Campos-Duffy, who is making her Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosting debut on Saturday, argued that cancel culture ultimately affects how people express their honest opinions.

"When you shame and punish people socially and professionally just for having a different point of view, you get a lot of self-censorship and fake virtue signaling," the TV personality said.

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"Conversations are stilted and not genuine," she continued. "That's what the tyranny of wokeism does. Without free speech, grace, understanding and humility, you can't 'get real,' as the show's catchphrase so famously says."

Campos-Duffy starred on The Real World: San Francisco in 1994. Since then, she's become known for her outspoken conservative beliefs.

REAL WORLD SAN FRANCISCO, ,l-r Puck Rainey, Rachel Campos, Cory Murphy,Pam Ling, Mohammed Bilal, Pedro Zamora, Judd Winick, 1994
Credit: Everett

Speaking to BuzzFeed News in 2014, Campos-Duffy - she shares nine children with husband Sean Duffy, who previously starred on The Real World: Boston - said the "No. 1 lesson" she learned during her time on The Real World was about people's political differences.

"I learned the myth of liberal tolerance. I felt like I really went in there very wide-eyed, and very ignorant - to have a great time, and maybe have more dates later. That said, I really tried to learn everything I could about my roommates," she said at the time. "I came from a very conservative background, but yet I went to the soapbox derby, I went to the hip-hop club spoken-word night, I went to the Gay Pride Parade with Pedro [Zamora] - I did all these things with them."

Campos-Duffy continued, "I asked them to do one thing with me, which was to go to a conservative Empower America conference with Bill Bennett and Jack Kemp. And they were not open-minded at all about where I came from. I thought that was a really important lesson for me to learn at 22."