Rachel Bloom and Dan Gregor were stranded Friday in Bakersfield, California, after they were caught in a storm

By Eric Todisco
December 29, 2019 05:00 PM

Rachel Bloom experienced a true holiday miracle after she and her husband, Dan Gregor, were stranded during a storm in Bakersfield, California, on Friday.

The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star, who is seven months pregnant, sent out a tweet that day, writing, “Hi. My husband and I are stranded in Bakersfield. Does…anyone have a place we could sleep?”

“We are stranded here or theoretically north of here (every highway going south is closed) and every hotel that’s open is at least a 2 hour drive away and we’re about to just sleep in our car,” Bloom, 32, said in a second tweet.

After seeing the call for help on social media, a local couple, Kate and Steven, messaged Bloom and told her that she and Gregor could stay at their home.

“We were about to go to bed,” Kate told KGET News of she and Steven before they saw Bloom’s tweet.

“We figured that our house is a little better than the Denny’s parking lot,” Steven said, with Kate joking, “marginally better.”

“I tweeted and just said ‘Hey we have a room. There’s cats and dogs and pie and bagels. Come on down,’ ” Kate added.

Bloom accepted the couple’s offer and shared the good news in a video of herself, saying, “We didn’t have to sleep in our car last night, honestly thanks to social media and the kindness of people on it.”

“I am just glad we were there because it is so scary to have to sleep in your car,” Kate said. “Like anybody, whether or not it is a beloved television personality. Nobody should have to sleep in their car when it is 30 degrees out.”

Kate also joked that they told Bloom to name her child after the couple. “We all agreed she would name the child Karen Steven Kate,” she said.

After Bloom won her first Emmy at the Creative Arts Emmy Awards in September, the actress announced that she and Gregor were expecting their first child together when asked backstage what she had planned next.

“More fun stuff. I have a tour right now called, “What Am I Going To Do with My Life Now? because the question I get asked is, what are you going to do with your life now?” she told reporters, adding that she would “hopefully write more Emmy-winning songs” as well.

Credit: y Frank Micelotta/Picturegroup/Shutterstock

“And also, I’m pregnant! So that’s what’s next for me,” she added, as the room burst into applause.

The actress, who shared that she was three months pregnant at the time, added that though she initially planned to make the announcement on Instagram, she “might as well do it at an Emmy press conference,” adding, “So I get to tell my child that she was with me when this happened, which is really f— cool!”

Bloom and Gregor, who has written for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and How I Met Your Mother, have been married since 2015.