Rachael Ray: Ice Queen

Photo: LFI

What does 30 Minute Meals diva Rachael Ray have in common with The Little Mermaid‘s Ariel and Scott Hamilton? She’s about to get her own ice show! Yes, America’s favorite chatterbox will be putting her E.V.O.O. in deep freeze when she moves her entire daytime cooking-talkfest, The Rachael Ray Show, to New York’s Bryant Park Ice Rink on Friday, Jan. 18.

Along with furniture sculpted out of ice and a custom-made ice cook top for Rachael to make dinner on (maybe she’ll make chili dogs. Get it? Chili Dogs?), Rachael herself will be arriving to the winterized set on a Zamboni machine and her celeb guests (who will be announced at a later date) will be on skates.

Be sure to tune in, if only to see if someone falls squarely on their behind and to find out what The Rach will cook up in the cold. –Caryn MidlerLFI

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