FIRST LOOK: Tears are Shed as Randi Zuckerberg Tries to Help People 'Make Millions' in New Docuseries 'Quit Your Day Job'

Quit Your Day Job premieres March 30 at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen


Do you want to quit your day job?

Some of American’s toughest angel investors are giving entrepreneurs the chance to prove why they are worthy of doing just that in Oxygen’s new docuseries Quit Your Day Job. PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the series, which features Randi Zuckerberg (CEO of Zuckerberg Media), Ido Leffler (co-founder and CEO of school supply company Yoobi), Sarah Prevette (Founder & CEO of Future Design School) and Lauren Maillian (Founder and CEO of strategic marketing and advisory company LMB group).

Tensions are high in the trailer – and plenty of tears are shed.

“It’s not just about writing them a check. We give them challenges,” says Zuckerberg, 33, who goes on to prove how tough the angel investors can be on the would-be moguls.

“I think this concept is all wrong. We need to change it completely” she tells one, while Leffler says of another project, “I already see this as a fail.”

Multiple contestants are brought to tears during the trailer, as their potential dreams seem to be slipping away. One contestant points out she is more than $200,000 in debt while another – a single mother of two – says her business plan is a way to move her family forward.

But there’s also plenty of hope as well.

“If they can step up to the challenges that we put in front of them, these people can make millions,” says Ido. “That can change somebody’s life.”

Quit Your Day Job premieres March 30 at 10 p.m. ET on Oxygen.

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