The movie is being produced under the working title Girls & Boys

By Dave Quinn
April 15, 2020 01:58 PM
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A new Netflix rom-com is in the works, loosely based on Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski‘s real-life experience as a sexually fluid man.

The movie, which The Hollywood Reporter announced on Tuesday, will be written by Plus One filmmakers and PEN15 writers Andrew Rhymer and Jeff Chan. Porowski and Black-ish creative Kenya Barris developed the project togethe. It’s being produced under the working title Girls & Boys.

Porowski opened up about his sexuality in April 2018, for the cover story of Gay Times.

“Some people want to define themselves, and they should as it’s part of their identity. For me personally, I’ve never really had a label for myself,” said Porowski, who was dating photographer Joey Krietemeyer at the time. (The pair split that October, after seven years together).

“Today I’m gay, I’m in a gay relationship, and that’s where I am,” he added. “That’s good enough for me.”

He went on to explain that he’s always considered himself a “little more fluid along the spectrum.”

“Even being called bisexual … I remember in my early twenties I was like, ‘But bisexual means I can only like girls and guys, what if I like something else?’ ” he said. “Maybe it’s just my rebellious nature. I’m me, I’m Antoni, and I’m all these things.”

The Canada native also revealed how hesitant he was about saying the popular Netflix show’s title before it aired. “I would embarrassingly catch myself whispering ‘queer’ as though … I don’t know if I was embarrassed or I had some kind of shame, but it still felt taboo from childhood,” Porowski said.

Antoni Porowski
Antoni Porowski
| Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Porowski’s time on Queer Eye with his fellow “Fab Five” cast members (Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness) has helped him with his personal journey. He told British GQ in October that he had now gotten “to a place where I’m a lot more comfortable in my skin.”

And though he still prefers to live without labels, he told the magazine that “fluid” or “queer” comes close to his feelings — noting that he’s been in more relationships with women than men, and wants to remain sensitive to both.

“I feel like if I do refer to myself as gay, which would make it easier for people to understand sometimes, I feel like it dishonors women that I’ve been in love with,” he said.

“I don’t really know and I kind of like not knowing,” he said of his sexuality.

Porowski has also spoken out about how dating women and men has affected his body image, telling Glamour UK in October that his relationship with his physique changed with his sexuality.

I was most comfortable with my body when I was in a relationship with women,” he admitted. “There wasn’t a sense of comparison because we were different. It was my first relationship with a guy where I looked at myself and I was like, ‘Oh my biceps aren’t as big as his, I wish my legs were longer, I wish my torso was longer.’ I got really self-conscious and it was the comparison.”

“You shouldn’t have to,” he added, “Women and men have all kinds of societal pressures. Sometimes they’re self-imposed and the idea of perfection — whatever the hell that is!”