'Queer Eye' 's Fan Favorite Heroes Have the Ultimate Reunion at Mama Tammye's Church

We dare you not to cry at this unexpected Queer Eye reunion!

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We dare you not to cry at this unexpected Queer Eye reunion!

Contestants from the Netflix series’ season 1 and 2 had a party at Mama Tammye Hicks’ church community center over the weekend in Gay, Georgia — and the photos will surely make the Fab Five proud!

“MAJOR TEARS ALERT Our heroes had a Queer Eye meet up at MAMA TAMMYE’S CHURCH COMMUNITY CENTER!!! Our hearts have exploded from the love they are sharing with each other,” the show shared on Twitter.

“Omg this makes me so happy,” Queer Eye‘s culture expert Karamo Brown tweeted.

In the group photo were Neal Reddy (season 1), Bobby Camp (season 1), Cory Waldrop (season 1), Jason (season 2), Joe Gallois (season 1), William Mahnken (season 2), Sean VanMeter (season 2), Mama Tammye and her son Miles (season 2), and Skyler Jay (season 2).

Not included in the picture but in attendance was Sean (season 2), who put on a performance with his piano at the party!

The location of their gathering was especially emotional because the church community center, which was made over in season 2’s premiere episode “God Bless Gay,” was the setting of two cathartic Queer Eye moments.

Interior design guru Bobby Berk opened up to Tammye about being rejected by his church after coming out as gay. And at the end of the episode, Tammye revealed her own story of coming to terms with her son’s homosexuality and ultimately asking for his forgiveness.

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Many of the fan favorite heroes also shared selfies and videos from the get-together on social media.

“What a day!!! Family is… the amazing vision @queereye. I fell in love with a family of amazing people today that are in my heart forever!” Tammye wrote on Instagram, along with the hashtag #QueerEyeMakingAmericaGreat.

“Had a blast at the @queereye #reunion. It was such an honor to meet some of the other people who have had their lives touched by the #fab5. Huge thanks to @trans.ginger, @mamatammye, and @myles.hicks for their hard work putting this shindig together,” Sean shared on Instagram.

“Today my family grew, and I’m so thankful for that. Bringing these humans together today was an absolute honor. I pride myself on being able to bring people together for a good time, I must admit I was nervous throughout the planning, this is definitely the most diverse group of individuals I have thrown a party for,” Skyler wrote.

“We are all so different and beautiful in our own way. Many of us probably would of never ever even been in the same room with one another prior to @queereye or been willing to have such open important dialogue today, but here we are. A family of different races, ages, religions, genders, and sexual orientations, all under one roof peacefully and respectfully. Just take a minute and soak up the power in that. We all enjoyed our first of many gatherings to come and even more heroes to join in the future for those who couldn’t make it today. … Forever thanks to the #fab5 for giving each of us such an amazing experience to bond over that so few people on this planet have had the privilege of partaking in. @karamobrown @bobbyberk @antoni @tanfrance @jvn,” Skyler concluded.

Season 3 of Queer Eye, which was greenlit in July, will take place in Kansas City, Missouri, featuring Brown, Berk, Tan France, Jonathan Van Ness and Antoni Porowski. A premiere date has yet to be announced.

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