The Fab Five are absolutely #friendshipgoals.

By Claudia Harmata
March 06, 2019 04:44 PM

This week on PEOPLE Now, Karamo Brown filled us in on the Fab Five and how well he knows his Queer Eye besties. The hit Netflix show will be back with its third season on March 15, and fans can expect it to be better than ever. “Season one, season two, you gotta remember we didn’t know each other,” Brown’s castmate Tan France had previously told PEOPLE. “We were complete strangers and we had to be best friends. Now we actually are best friends so it makes for a much stronger season.”

With that said, we wanted to see how well Brown knows his best friends. Read on to see some of his castmate superlatives, and watch the video above to see who is most likely to get hangry, most likely to dance on a bar – and which castmate he left out of the superlatives entirely!

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Most likely to make a last minute outfit change?

Bobby Berk

Most likely to go on an impulsive shopping spree?

Jonathan Van Ness. He will spend tons of money on his cat and on his clothes.

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Most likely to overthink something?

Antoni. Look at the meme! You just saw him do this face.

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Most likely to take a private jet? 

Jonathan or Antoni. Oh my gosh, no its Jonathan. He’s gonna hate me, but I’ll say it. The other day, we were all shooting season three and he said, “Oh my gosh, it’s been so long since I took a public plane,” and we all looked at him and we’re like, You mean … just a plane?