'Queer Eye' 's Antoni Porowski and Jonathan Van Ness Deny Dating: 'We Have Too Much Free Time'

Fans have suspected that the two costars have been romantically involved

Is there love in the air between two members of Queer Eye‘s Fab Five?

In PEOPLE’s exclusive clip from Friday’s episode of Strahan and Sara, the cast of Queer EyeAntoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk and Jonathan Van Ness — laughed off rumors that there is a romance brewing between two of them.

“There have been a little social media tea that’s been going on,” co-host Keke Palmer began to the Fab Five, as she sat beside hosts Michael Strahan and Sara Haines.

Palmer then brought up a recent photo shared to Instagram of Porowski, 35, and Van Ness, 32. In a comment, Brown, 38, had alluded that they could be a couple.

“So what’s the tea, love?” Palmer asked the reality stars.

As Van Ness began to address the rumor, one of his cast members interrupted him and said, “We’re bored,” which resulted in laughter from the hosts and the audience.

Karamo Brown, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Antoni Porowski and Tan France
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“We have way too much free times on our hands sometimes, honestly,” joked Porowski, the food and wine expert of the series.

Added Haines, 41, “I was gonna ask what you did in between, but now I get it.”

However, Brown, 38, suggested sparks could still fly.

“I’m just gonna say, where there is smoke, there is fire,” he noted, which led Porowski to roll his eyes as the whole audience cheered. Brown then reached over and kissed both Porowski and Van Ness on the head while laughing off the joke he made.

“You just poured more gasoline on it!” joked Strahan, 47.

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Rumors about the costars being romantically involved were ignited on Fourth of July when Porowski shared a photo of himself and Van Ness kissing in the back seat of a car, calling the annual holiday their “anniversary.”

“I guess Amurica’s birthday’s our anniversary, babe. ❤️,” he captioned the series of photos.

Van Ness’s podcast account, Getting Curious with JVN, responded to the post with a series of heart eye emojis, and Porowski’s comment section was quickly bombarded with comments asking if the kiss indicated the start of a relationship between the costars.

Jonathan and Antoni ( queer eye)
Antoni Porowski/ Instagram

In March, Porowski confirmed he was still dating Flipping Out alum, Trace Lehnhoff. Lehnhoff last shared a selfie of the pair together in May.

And there were, of course, some people who believed the kiss was just a friendly sign of affection between the friends, with one user writing, “why they gotta be messing with people like this.”

This isn’t the first time some have questioned the stars’ relationship status. In March, the Fab Five sat down with WIRED to answer the internet’s “most searched” questions about them and their hit Netflix show. When it came time to answer questions about Porowski, one asked if he and Van Ness were dating. With the whole group laughing, Porowski and Van Ness put the rumors to rest, explaining that they were not.

Van Ness even shared a story about a time when he thought Porowski was going to declare his love for him (which ended up not being the case), telling the outlet that he quickly told his friend he thought they were “much better friends.”

Strahan and Sara airs weekdays at 1 p.m. ET on ABC, and Queer Eye is streaming on Netflix now.

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