Steve Harvey teams up with PEOPLE for an update on the family
Credit: Melanie Acevedo

Quadruplet Dad Carlos Morales will get a big surprise on the Steve Harvey show, and it should make the father’s difficult journey a little easier.

On Thursday’s show, Harvey plans to give the new dad $10,000 (per child) from Sallie Mae to start a college savings account.

Morales’ wife died just hours after giving birth to the quadruplets, leaving him heartbroken and alone to care for the children. But he can’t help but be thankful.

“Look at these beautiful blessings,” he told PEOPLE in the living room of his Phoenix, Arizona, home. “Even when they scream their heads off I want to give them the biggest kiss.”

His wife Erica died from hypovolemic shock just a few hours after giving birth. The couple had tried for years to conceive, and finally after successful IVF, Erica became pregnant.

Tracy, Paisley, Erica and Carlos, Jr. are now home with their father and thriving.

“I feel thankful and blessed because each one of them has something in common with my wife, Erica,” Carlos tells Harvey.

Tune in to Steve Harvey Thursday to see the full interview.