A decision isn't expected for another two to three months, an official tells PEOPLE

November 22, 2010 05:40 PM

Prosecutors in Utah, who have been investigating potential bigamy charges against Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his four wives, have a message for fans of the TLC reality show: stay tuned.

“We’re in no rush to get this filed,” says Donna Kelly, a deputy county attorney for Utah County. “You can expect a decision in the next 60 to 90 days.”

Police in Lehi, Utah, where the Brown family lives, wrapped up their investigation on Oct.20 and turned over their findings to county prosecutors.

“Our independent investigation continues,” adds Kelly, who says it s possible that additional charges, besides bigamy, could be filed in the case.

There are an estimated 30,000 polygamists in Utah and, although it is illegal, state authorities rarely get involved unless child abuse, incest, domestic abuse or fraud is involved.

“We don’t go looking for cases like this,” says Kelly. “But the Browns have definitely made it easier for us by admitting to felonies on national TV.”

On Sunday, TLC aired a Sister Wives special in which Brown took his fourth and newest wife, Robyn, on a honeymoon to San Diego while his first three wives took the family’s children camping.

Kody and his wives have said they knew the dangers of going public with their lifestyle, but insisted it was worth the risk to educate people about polygamy.

Sister Wives was picked up for a second season.

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