Project Runway's Premiere: Sew Good!

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

It’s been far too long since Heidi Klum has had the chance to deliver her trademark “Auf Wiedersehen!” But as Project Runway revved up for its fourth season last night, the supermodel did just that–and possibly one-upped Michael Kors in the snark department when she retorted that wacky designer Elisa’s model, all tangled in the designer’s free-flowing dress, looked as if she were “pooing fabric.” That, PR fans, signals a promising beginning to what appears (if the network’s tasty, craftily edited preview is accurate) to be a drama-filled season! So, on the heels of the debut episode, let’s touch on some of our favorite moments from last night’s episode:

•Personality clashes?: Sure, all the sewing drama is intriguing, but who doesn’t love all the possible personality clashes even more? Elisa gets high marks right away for distinguishing herself from the pack with her new age-y pronouncements (and penchant for grass-staining her fabrics). But watch out for Christian. He has the hair–and, from the looks of it, an ego–to match. •New challenges: Rather than the characteristic “design something out of food” opening challenge, show producers shook things up last night with a challenge to create a design to reflect each designer’s aesthetic. Could bolder, more innovative challenges be coming? We hope! •Meaner judging?: We always expect Michael Kors and Nina Garcia to deliver catty bon mots and withering looks during the catwalk portion of the show, but Heidi and guest judge Monique Lhuillier jumped right in on the bash ’em bandwagon last night! Is sweet uncle Tim Gunn the only dependably nice guy on this season’s show?

Sure, season 4 is just beginning, but are you already making comparisons from this year’s crop to favorite designers from past seasons? Is Christian this year’s Santino? And which designer is the Wendy Pepper of the group? Tell us which designers made an immediate impression on you last night? –Brian Orloff

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

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