Project Runway: Who Was the Boss?

Photo: F. Scott Schafer/Bravo

Pairing up the remaining 12 designers for last night’s challenge really brought out the fashion fireworks. While revisiting bad ’80s trends (neon, anyone?), they had to create a three-piece collection that was “cohesive and modern.” The only caveat: they had to work together to do it.

Team Jillian was the clear winner of the night. Despite Kevin’s up-to-the last minute finish, they were able to seam together sophisticated updates of overalls, ’70s flare, and the poodle skirt. It was Team Ricky that never had a chance. Too preoccupied with guiding Elisa (“breathe and be centered”) and blocking Victorya’s every attempt to usurp his power, Ricky once again sent a poorly constructed garment down the runway to the judges’ dismay. (Did you really have to bring up the safety pins again, Nina?) More importantly, Victorya proved she works better alone or in this case, if she’s in charge. We just wished she had followed her instincts and asked to be team leader instead of passively aggressively questioning Ricky’s every move.

And although his group lacked a unifying theme, it was Chris’s take on shoulder pads that ultimately sent him home. Made of an upholstery-like fabric, the ill-fitting bolero jacket just didn’t make the cut.

So did the judges pick the right person to auf? And if Victorya was in charge, would her team’s collection been better? –Shanelle Rein-Olowokere

Photo: F. Scott Schafer/Bravo

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