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September 18, 2009 12:00 AM

Heidi Klum began Thursday’s show with a riddle: “The challenge will definitely be tough,” she told the designers, “but the answers will all be in black and white.” And read all over? The contestants were sent to a newspaper printing plant and asked to design a wearable garment from newsprint. An innovative challenge, sure, but not exactly the boon the newspaper industry may be looking for. But that’s another story.

History Lesson: After the designers shopped around, snatching up available newspaper and meeting with Los Angeles Time‘s fashion editor Booth Moore, Tim Gunn schooled them about the history of paper clothing. The first documented paper garment was created in 1968, a dress, and it was apparently all the rage.

Kindergarten Project: The designers got to work, dyeing and assembling paper creations. As Johnny was draping his orange origami-inspired frock — complete with birds on the shoulders — Nicolas called his color choice, “pigs’ blood.” Tim hated it too. “I’m woeful right now,” he said. “It looks like a craft project gone awry.” The usually measured mentor also added that it looked like a kindergartener had designed it. And that the birds, which Johnny claimed were lifting up the dress, were actually attacking it.

Liar, Liar: After Tim’s rebuke, Johnny ripped up his dress and started on another one with less fervor — even stopping to do a crossword puzzle. But while he may not have been inspired as a designer, Johnny sure acted like a budding author, creating a whopping piece of fiction when he said a steamer spit water all over his amazing dress — not that he ripped it up — which caused him to start over.

Rivalries: Nicolas wasn’t having Johnny’s fib — but Johnny wasn’t a fan of Nicolas’s work either, calling his look “dinosaur chic.” Irina and Althea also enjoyed a little verbal sparring, criticizing each other’s abilities and taste.

Results: Michael Kors was missing (again!), as was Nina Garcia. Instead, Tommy Hilfiger, Zoe Glassner (of Marie Claire) and Eva Longoria Parker joined Heidi Klum on the judges’ panel. The foursome loved Irina’s innovative trenchcoat with its puffy collar and they also dug Althea’s architectural dress, but gave the win to Irina. Guess who was in the bottom: Johnny and Nicolas, who duked it out on the runway as Johnny woefully told the judges of his fictional steamer problems. Unable to contain himself, Nicolas stopped short of calling his rival a liar, but did say that his bird dress was a “red mess.” The judges weren’t buying Johnny’s drama, his dress or his stories either, and sent him packing.

Tim Strikes Back: A distressed Johnny prepared to pack up. “Right now I feel a little lost,” he said, adding, “Giving up addiction was probably easier to do than being on Project Runway.” But Tim had some choice words too! “I’m incredulous of that utterly preposterous spewing of fiction that Johnny did on the runway,” he told the remaining designers. “It was ridiculous!” –Brian Orloff

Tell us: Why did Johnny lie? Did he deserve to go home? And who had the best look?Mike Yarish/Lifetime

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