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Updated December 01, 2020 06:53 PM
Credit: Lifetime

Could they have said this was the biggest challenge ever one more time? We get it!

We know what Heidi wants to wear and we trust that Nina knows what will sell a magazine, but Editor Melissa Liebling-Goldberg knows what you want – and she’s picking a winning look from each episode of Project Runway.

And this week’s StyleWatch winner is … Anthony!

Let me just say right off that even if I didn’t love Anthony’s dress, it would be worth giving him this challenge just for his exuberant and enthusiastic response to his win. But lucky for all of us, his dress is perfect for a Marie Claire cover — great color, terrific lines and just enough detail to be interesting without being distracting. Having seen Heidi hit the runway last night at the Red Dress Heart Truth show, I feel confident in saying she would indeed look smokin’ hot in one of the season’s earlier potato sacks, but she’ll look even better in this. I also have to compliment Emilio — I loved his sexy dress, but even better was his fantastic attitude. In Tim Gunn‘s words, he did it what it took to make it work.

But not everyone took Tim’s words to heart. Bandage dresses may be in style, thanks to Max Azria’s resurrection of the Herve Leger label, but a dress that looks like an ace bandage is just not hot. Ever. I hope Mila recognizes that she’s not infallible and loosens up a little in the workroom — and on the runway. I get that colorblocking is her signature, but it’s not even half way through the season and it already feels tired. But Anna‘s sad, sad combo of metallic vest, droopy tank top and pinstriped diaper shorts was the clear loser from the minute it moped its way down the runway. I can’t imagine any publication, short of a family newsletter, putting this look on its cover.

And one more down … –Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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