By People Staff
Updated December 01, 2020 06:55 PM
Credit: Lifetime

Heidi Klum knows what a supermodel wants. And Nicole Richie knows what a starlet-turned-mom wants. But Editor Melissa Liebling-Goldberg knows what you want to wear — and she’s picking a winning look from each episode of Project Runway:

And the StyleWatch winner is … Emilio!

Wait, Ping‘s urban shepherdess fantasy and Seth‘s Harajuku Girl wannabe are in the top 3? I can’t say that I agree with all six left on the runway to defend themselves — either in the top or the bottom — but I can totally get behind Emilio’s intricate minidress taking first place. The color, the fit, the innovation and the commitment to craftsmanship were by far the best of the season premiere. If he can turn out something that lovely in one day with all the pressure of the first runway show, I can’t wait to see what he comes up with on a longer challenge.

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Now that Nicole and Heidi are both out of the maternity wear they were sporting on the premiere, I hope we see one of them sporting this sweetly sexy number on the red carpet. But the real highlight of the show had to be Anthony‘s quirky quips! If he can up the style ante enough to stick around for the whole season, he may just end up giving Christian Siriano a run for his quotable money. –Melissa Liebling Goldberg

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