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February 05, 2010 12:00 AM

We know what Heidi, Michael, Nina and Georgina loved, but which red dress did you heart? PeopleStyleWatch.com editor Melissa Liebling-Goldberg is weighing in on what you would love to wear — and she’s picking a winning look from each episode of Project Runway:

And the StyleWatch winner is … Amy!

As most fashionistas will tell you, wearing black is a whole lot easier than wearing color — and head-to-toe red would definitely strike fear in the heart of all of them. So kudos to the designers and their real women models for so whole-heartedly (no pun intended) embracing what had the potential to be a tough challenge.

I have to admit while the judges and I were totally in sync on Amy’s gorgeous gown, which I wish a star would buy off ProjectRunway.com and immediately wear on a red carpet, I can’t agree with their other choices for the top 3. To me, Mila‘s dress looked so much like a 4th of July parade costume that I couldn’t accept it as a black tie gown, and as for Maya, I agree with any assessment that calls it an interesting look. Yup, um, “interesting” is right — and definitely not my taste with that gold swag of fabric bisecting her poor model’s body in two.

As for the bottom three, weren’t Anna and Jesse just window-dressing as we all waited for Jesus to get auf’ed? When Michael Kors tells you that you have managed to combine everything tacky in the universe into one garment, you know your minutes on the runway are numbered. But luckily Jesus is only 21-years-old and has plenty of time to recover — who knows, we could even see him pull a Daniel Franco and make it back onto the next season.

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Tell us: Which look was your favorite? Did you agree with the top and bottom 3?Michael Becker/FOX

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