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March 12, 2010 12:00 AM

If you could stop dreaming about wearing one of guest judge Roland Mouret‘s exquisite creations, you would have seen some serious hits and misses on the runway. But did you want to wear? PeopleStyleWatch.com editor Melissa Liebling-Goldberg knows — and she’s picking a fashion-friendly, winning look from each episode of Project Runway:

And the StyleWatch winner is — Jonathan!

Let’s be honest, I was hoping that the guest judge for this competition would be ’70s stalwarts Earth, Wind and Fire but fine, I can live with Roland Mouret (seriously, I worship him). But I do have “Shining Star” stuck in my head now. But I digress. So it’s all about the elements this week, but I have to say there were a lot of truly elementary mistakes made. Ben, Ben, Ben did you not learn from previous seasons that if you don’t know how to cut pants well, just keep going with skirts until you get called on it? Putting a codpiece on pants and shark teeth on a jacket is only okay if you are creating Aquaman’s next tuxedo. And Amy‘s hairy error? Anthony called it so correctly, I’m left speechless. Anyone else happy to see the judges finally recognize that Mila‘s a one-trick designer?

But some of the contestants showed surprising new range this week. Who knew that Jonathan had such a beautiful and inspired dress in him? While it’s not walking off the runway in our closets anytime soon, it was meant for the catwalk and I agree with Mouret, who called the look “perfection.” Seth Aaron has such a distinct point of view and you have to give him credit for never losing sight of it, no matter what the challenge. And of all the dresses on the runway last night, I thought that Maya‘s was the most wearable, referential or not. –Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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Rick Diamond/WireImage

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