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February 19, 2010 12:00 AM

While she may not have started a shoe craze like Tory Burch‘s flats, editor Melissa Liebling-Goldberg still knows what you would love to wear — and she’s picking a winning look from each episode of Project Runway:

And the StyleWatch winner is … Seth Aaron!

I thought that watching the Westminster Dog Show would be the apex of my squealing this week, but the pug competition had nothing on this week’s Project Runway mini-models. Could those little girls have been any cuter? I dare you to say yes. And most of the designers rose to the awww-worthiness of this challenge beautifully. Yes, Mila did mod color-blocking for the bazillionth time, but at least she’s developing a sense of humor.

As for the top three, I agree with the judges (although again, I think they had a tough task narrowing it down since most of the outfits were really rather good this time). I loved Jesse‘s Little Red Riding Hood coat for his child model and that sheath dress was super sexy — can’t you picture Heidi Klum wearing it? And Jay continues to shine. His ruffled construction was fantastic, and I loved that he picked such a sophisticated color for his little girl, which then worked so perfectly on his adult model. But Seth Aaron won this one hands-down. If being a father to a little girl helped him so perfectly understand how to make an elementary schooler look hip, then I want to know what woman inspired his sharply tailored black and white jacket and skinny pants. Gwen Stefani, call this man STAT! He’s got your style down pat.

As for the bottom three, part of me really liked Jonathan‘s oddly stiff mini-bolero and Amy‘s insane cha-cha pants. Imagine Karina Smirnoff in Amy’s look, dancing the rumba and you have a completely different reality show, but the only viable use for those pants. Remember, Amy, it’s okay to be an occasional crazy-pants, but it’s never okay to wear crazy pants! And I won’t miss Janeane‘s slightly boring clothing nor her intermittently weepy interludes, but you have to admit it — even in really basic clothing, her little model was a total cutie-pie.

Until next week! –Melissa Liebling-Goldberg

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Tell us: Which little model was the cutest? Do you agree with the PEOPLE StyleWatch pick?

Barbara Nitke/Lifetime

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