By People Staff
Updated October 23, 2009 12:00 AM
Credit: Mike Yarish/Lifetime(2)

Thursday’s Project Runway let the seven remaining designers indulge in a jetsetting fantasy … but without the actual travel part. Instead, the contestants were given photographs of fabulous places that Michael Kors has visited — perhaps that’s why he’s been MIA from the runway so much this season! — that have inspired his collections over the years. The challenge? Get inspired by a specific place — then sew.

Under Pressure: This week everybody was rattled! Christopher, who’s become a permanent fixture in the bottom three, wanted to prove he had sophisticated taste. Irina felt challenged to constantly one-up her winning designs — and, we hope, out-sass herself. And Gordana, who picked New York as her inspiration, scrambled to actually make a dress after spending so much time on a gorgeous, crystal-encrusted necklace perfect for a Park Avenue princess.

Cutting Up: At first glance, Christopher’s matronly frock, inspired by Santa Fe, wasn’t doing much to plead his case that he has elevated taste. Irina summed it up by saying, “His dress looks like something an Amish woman would wear.” And Tim urged the designer to step it up too — and not focus so much his admittedly interesting belt. After deciding on his own that his look screamed Little House on the Prairie, the designer hacked off 20 inches from his dress … making it perfect for an Amish girl on Rumspringa!

The Runway: Nina Garcia and Michael Kors were back in action once again this week — and actress Milla Jovovich rounded out the judging panel. Unlike past celebs, Jovovich was eager to pipe in, leading to one of the liveliest and most quotable runway shows this season. As for the good news, Carol Hannah‘s flowing, printed maxidress was a perfect fit for her Palm Beach inspiration, while Gordana turned out a chic gray dress — with that dazzling necklace — that impressed the judges despite her less than confident presentation. The winner, though, was Irina, whose cowl-necked sweater, faux-fur vest and ski pants drew Nina and company into her Aspen fantasy. In the bottom: Christopher, Logan and Nicolas. The designers presented muted looks that prompted Heidi Klum to declare they all needed to “pump up the volume!”

Say What?: The judges, however, made themselves heard loud and clear — prompting some laughs and tears (thanks, Christopher) after delivering their verdicts. Here are some of the night’s best lines:

– “You got Grease the movie!” –Michael Kors telling Nicolas, who picked the Mediterranean country, that he missed the mark with his gray pants and tight white top.

— “If this was called Project I Didn’t Mind It, then he would win!” –Milla Jovovich on Logan’s basic white denim look designed with young Hollywood in mind. (Nina Garcia was equally blah about the look, saying, “it’s just basic clothes”).

— But, ultimately, Nicolas was sent home. And the sassy designer left with his head high — and the night’s best line. “Yeah, this is the last time you’ve heard of me,” he quipped. “I’m so going to take a break, maybe move to London or Paris or Japan. Or become a sheepherder!” –Brian Orloff

Tell us: Who deserved to go home? Who do you think will win the competition? Will you miss Nicolas? Mike Yarish/Lifetime(2)