'Project Runway' : The Fiercest Moments

Photo: Barbara Nitke/NBC

Ah, Christian. The pint-sized designer loves to drop the “F”-bomb on Project Runway. No, not that F-word. We mean, of course, “fierce,” which has been his go-to-expression since season 4 debuted. This week, the designers paired up in teams to create both avant-garde and ready-to-wear looks inspired by their models’ hairdos. A match made in avant-garde heaven, Christian and Chris, who dubbed themselves “Team Fierce,” (even Tim Gunn referred to the guys by their sassy moniker!) easily won, sweeping everyone away with their sky-scraping gown, which was constructed with more than 40 yards of fabric. So, in keeping with this week’s spunky theme, we count down our top 5 (capital “F”) fierce moments of the night. –Brian Orloff

5. “Her hair was nothing. Lee’s was fierce!” —Sweet P, letting the first “F”-word of the night slip out while selecting her model based on who had the most dramatic hair.

4. While coming up with their “story” and design concept, Ricky described the ideal woman for the dress to his partner, Kit, saying, “She’s the girl in me — and the b—- in you.” Yeow!

3. We couldn’t help ourselves. He won this week, so Christian earns two spots on our fierce list. First, while showing his models how to work their over-the-top outfits, he explained, “You gotta bring it back girls — from the side and turn,” while giddily showing them how to walk.

2. “If I was a diva, my name would be ‘Ferosh.’ — Christian (again). No explanation necessary.

1. Poor Jillian. Fearing she was running out of time at the sewing machine, the designer let out a primal, “Nooooooooooooooooo,” while pounding her fists against the desk. And it was all for naught! She and partner Victorya earned second place.

Tell us: Who was the fiercest in the workroom this week? Credit: Barbara Nitke/NBC

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