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Updated September 11, 2008 12:00 AM
Jay Sullivan/Bravo; Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Wednesday’s Project Runway brought some familiar faces back to the show. First, this season’s auf’d designers returned to team up with a remaining contestant and help with the random task of creating an avant-garde look based on one of the team members’ astrological signs.

But the reunion wasn’t happy for everybody.

“You were sent home,” Terri snapped at the camera, reacting as the returning designers paraded down the runway. “When it’s over, it’s over.”

But Terri didn’t have her way — and she didn’t even have her pick of the returning designers. Tim Gunn assigned teams randomly based on their astrological signs. And while some designers seemed destined to be partners, others — translation: Terri — had major issues. Matched with Keith, she was immediately determined to show him she was boss. “He can count the pins on the floor,” she said, summing up the level of responsibility she’d assign him. The team was so dysfunctional that Keith retreated to the lounge defeated, and curled up on a sofa as a headstrong Terri went to battle over her vision.

But don’t pity Keith. He had nothing to lose. Plus, he did manage to get in a zinger or two about Terri’s awfully literal vision for a Leo-inspired garment, complete with a faux-fur collar. “She’s an angry, bitter person,” he said, adding, “I don’t design for the Lion King.”

Equally dysfunctional, Kenley and her partner Wesley battled passive-aggressively over their look, based on the Aquarius sign, though Wesley too kowtowed to Kenley’s strong point of view.

On the upside: Leanne and Emily worked harmoniously together and Stella and Blayne acted friendly and respectful toward each other, though their look confounded Tim Gunn during his early inspection, which is never a good thing.

To add to the episode’s reunion theme, the designers were then taken to the Museum of Natural History where they brought their models, fully outfitted in their avant-garde look, to a party attended by New York-based designers from previous seasons of Runway. Everybody from Christian Siriano to Jay McCarroll to Daniel Vosovic mingled with the designers, voting on their favorite design to determine the challenge’s winner.

The next day, it was runway time — with the bonus (and bum) note that two designers would be picked off this week.

Immediately it was clear that Terri and Keith’s garment would have problems. After a withering critique from Christian Siriano, the designer eliminated her fur trim, but sent down something that Michael Kors said resembled a “voodoo princess in hell.” (None of the other judges much cared for Terri’s look either, nor were they happy about the team’s apparent lack of cohesion.) Terri wasn’t taking the criticism, either. “I’m really shocked to hear these comments, seriously,” she said unconvincingly.

Also in the bottom: Suede‘s watery look, which was deemed too safe, and Blayne, whose unitard resembled flannel underwear with an explosion of colorful ruffles and leather straps (clearly, those were Stella’s contribution!). Michael Kors summed it up best, saying the model looked like she was “pooing fabric.”

So, Blayne was sent home first, followed by a sour Terri. The winner, picked by past Project Runway designers, was Jerell, whose brown, layered skirt and shiny top dazzled the designers — and the judges. — Brian Orloff

Tell us: Did you agree with the judges’ decisions? Was Terri was too temperamental? Did Jerell deserve to win?

Check back later for our exclusive Q&As with Terri and Blayne.Jay Sullivan/Bravo; Barbara Nitke/Bravo