'Project Runway' : Kevin's Bad Prom Night

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/Bravo; Barbara Nitke/Bravo

“The top did not perform last night,” says Kevin Christiana, matter-of-factly, about Wednesday night’s Project Runway. A consistently strong contender on the runway, the designer was auf’ed after sending down a prom dress — designed for a real high schooler — which the judges said looked cheap. But Christiana was in good company, joined in the bottom three by fellow high achievers Rami and Christian. Calling from his New York home, the New Jersey-native explained why he refused to hem his dress, offered the real dirt on Christian’s high-maintenance client and discussed why this season is not as interesting as the last. –Brian Orloff

Kevin, everyone, including Tim Gunn, warned you to hem your dress. Why didn’t you?If you fold over silk georgette and try to stitch it . . . it’s going to pucker and it’s going to stretch out. It would have been 100 times worse if I did fold it over and finish it. That fabric is alive — and it just does its own thing. I didn’t want to risk that at all. And it wasn’t about the bottom so much. It was about everything. Tell us the truth about Christian’s client. Was she really as difficult as she seemed? She was crazy. Honestly. She was over the top. He had the worst client. She thought she knew what she wanted . . . and it just wasn’t cool. She was the one girl — you know that high school thing — those girls are ruthless. They were yelling at her, “You’re such a geek! You’re such a loser! Leave him alone.” The funniest thing is when I was watching the show I was laughing because Christian is only four years older than this girl. So, I’m like, “Oh my god. It’s going to be a total bitch session.”

Some online have been saying that this season’s cast isn’t as interesting or dramatic as past seasons. Do you agree?It’s not as entertaining as last season. Last season was on the cusp of having that pure talent with some halfway decent . But the drama was completely there. And from being on the show, the drama last season wasn’t manipulated. People were generally pissed off at each other. There were a lot of strong personalities. They raised the bar with the level of talent this season. And this season have been in the business, so all you want to do is show your skills . . . and come across as a good person because personality sells.

Did the prom challenge make you nostalgic for high school?Oh totally. I actually became a big brother there . . . I had a little sewing circle with the high school girls and was like, “Make sure you do this, this and this. Watch out for these boys. They’re out for one thing.” I just became this brother or dad and I was like, “What the hell am I doing? I was that kid. I was the person your parents told you to stay away from in a way.” Mitch Haaseth/Bravo; Barbara Nitke/Bravo

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