Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo
November 22, 2007 12:00 AM

The tears were a-flowin’ this week on Project Runway as Sarah Jessica Parker dropped by to challenge the 14 remaining contestants. No less than five designers–well, six if you count Ricky, who cried twice!–got teary-eyed in an episode appropriately titled “I Started Crying.” One reason for the extreme emotions? The contestants had a mere $15 to create a look for SJP’s new affordable clothing line, Bitten. Another catch: The designers had to work in pairs after pitching their sketches to Parker, with the winning design being sold in stores. The thought of designing for Ms. SJP created some of the night’s best moments:

•Elisa, Elisa, Elisa: Wow, producers could not have asked for a bigger gem of a character than Elisa Jimenez, whose kooky earth goodness aesthetic and love of hand stitching never fail to amuse. Last night, we learned she sometimes spits on her garments–much to the horror of her assigned partner, Sweet P–to measure them. (Why waste chalk or pins?) And let’s not get started on the “polymorphic” design concept. But the duo pulled it together, impressing the judges and Parker herself. • The Tears: So, who cried? First there’s perennial weeper Ricky, who shed both tears of anxiety and, later, relief. Chris welled up meeting his style icon Parker. Both Carmen and Christian got misty-eyed on the runway. And, finally, even Sweet P wiped her eyes as Marion packed his things to go. • And speaking of booted off contestant Marion…would you say his “Homeless Pocahontas” look was his downfall? Heidi Klum just about captured it when she described Marion (and Steven‘s) losing look as a “homeless Pocahontas” costume.

Now tell us: What were your favorite moments of the night? Did Marion deserve to go? –Brian Orloff

Photo: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

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