Credit: Barbara Nitke/Bravo

Finally, some drama! After weeks of buttoned-up workroom practices and cooperation in team challenges, it seems the stress is catching up with the designers.

On Wednesday’s Project Runway, last week’s ace teams — Victorya and Jillian, and Christian and Chris — got snippy with each other. As the designers struggled to create “iconic looks” out of Levi’s denim, tensions boiled over and former partners sparred. When Sweet P asked for advice on how to treat her dirty fabric, Chris and Christian argued over the proper way to clean it. Chris tried to laugh it off, but Christian’s arrogance seemed to rankle him and he ended up snapping, “Somebody give him a bottle and put him to bed.”

Meanwhile, Rami and Sweet P simply ignored each other.

The worst, though, were Victorya and Jillian, who both created trench coats (see image). But how could they top their joint effort from last week — a finely tailored trench? While Jillian got suspicious of Victorya, thinking she was cribbing her design, she also lost focus and ran up against the clock. After the runway, it was no surprise that they were both left standing in the bottom two, with Victorya getting auf’d.

The shock of the night: Ricky stepping up and winning the challenge with his sassy, buttoned-up minidress.

As always, Christian was good for choice quotes. And as we reflect on the former partners’ squabbles, we sign off with Christian’s best rejoinder of the night. Dissatisfied with his competitors’ designs, the teeny guy with big hair remarked: “Oh my God! I’m going to die of barfness.” — Brian Orloff

Tell us: Were you surprised by this week’s feuds? Did the judges make the right decision as far as the winning and losing looks?Barbara Nitke/Bravo