'Project Runway' : Chris's Hirsute Couture Sends Him Packing

Photo: Mitch Haaseth/NBC; Barbara Nitke /NBC

Last night’s Project Runway offered a little something for everybody: A dramatic, elimination; warm and fuzzy visits between Tim Gunn and the contestants’ family and friends; and one hilarious animal analogy. But first, the elimination: Chris and Rami each had one more chance to prove to the judges that he deserved to show at Bryant Park. After presenting three looks from their full collections — all of them dark — the judges sent Chris home (again), though not without praising him for his intricate and creative vision — even if it was over-the-top. Rami passed through to the final three after displaying some versatility — something the judges thought was lacking in his previous designs. Taking it all in stride, Chris packed up and exited with one big belly-laugh.

So, why was Chris’s collection so over-the-top? Simple. The designer studded his clothing with actual human hair. When Tim Gunn caught a peek at the hirsute couture, he claimed it inflamed his “gag reflex,” then schooled Chris with the story of “the monkey house” at the zoo and how it stinks when you first walk in, but after a while, you get used to it. Tim’s message? Chris may have been too inoculated to his own creations to realize that designing with human hair may be a bit creepy. (Though Heidi, Michael Kors and Nina Garcia seemed intrigued by the choice.)

As for the other collections: Well, we only got a peek. But Christian, who lives and works in an apartment as equally pint-sized as the diminutive designer, seems to be aiming for avant-garde, with each look comprising several pieces. Jillian‘s collection appeared to combine knitwear and structured jackets. And Rami’s spans several looks — but you can definitely count on some draping. –Brian Orloff

Tell us: Did the judges make the right choice? What did you think of Chris using human hair on his garments? Who will win next week?Mitch Haaseth/NBC; Barbara Nitke /NBC

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