'Project Runway' : Chris March Gets the Last Laugh

Photo: Photo: Mitch Haaseth/NBC

With one big laugh, he was gone. Chris March was sent home on Wednesday’s Project Runway, leaving Rami, Jillian and Christian to compete at Bryant Park. (Of course, what they don’t show on television is that March also got to show under the tents — “It was the most amazing moment of my entire life,” he says — in order to prevent a Fashion Week spoiler). Calling from his New York home, the boisterous designer talked about why he used human hair on his garments, what it’s like to be a fan favorite and why he thinks Rami deserved to make the final three. –Brian Orloff

The judges praised you and Rami for different things last night. Why do you think they sent him through to the finale?Being a costume designer in the midst of 14 other fashion designers, I always had that idea to overcome. I had the feeling the whole time that they would want the finale to be their three fashion titans. It is eventually … a show about fashion design. And even though I love fashion and would love to be a fashion designer, I don’t live and breathe fashion everyday of my entire life. Rami does. And I thought it was just the exact right choice for them to make.

Tim Gunn seemed to think your use of human hair was a bit odd. Can you talk about why you did it?It is unusual for most of the world to think about hair being on clothing. But that type of hair is something I use all the time since I also make wigs … In the past I have approximated the look of monkey fur and yak hair with human hair because it’s inexpensive and it lasts a long time … Honestly, the whole time I was working with the hair, I was going, “Oh, I just can’t wait to see what Tim has to say about this.” I knew that Tim would probably be shocked by the hair … But they also left out a couple parts where, I think, Tim said he would just like it to be a little bit less and it would be cool … But it was for a fashion show. And certainly, it’s not unprecedented in the fashion world to use human hair on clothing.

You were kicked off early in the show, then returned and almost made it to the finale. How did that feel?When they asked me to be on the show as one of the designers, I thought, “They’ll let me be on for like six or seven episodes or something because I’m a costume designer — and what do they want me for in the fashion world?” So when I got eliminated in the fourth episode I thought, “Well, I never figured I’d go very far anyway as a novelty on the show.” And then there was the surprise of being brought back. I did learn a lot from being eliminated. After the initial challenge where I had to come back, you can see that my whole idea about being on the show completely changed. Form them on, my stuff is much less costume-y and more fashionable and more along the lines of what I thought the judges were looking for.

Of all the designers, you were really adored by fans. Are you getting tons of positive reaction when see you?When see me they look at me and have this complete surprised reaction like they’ve just seen a unicorn. Then they just want to come up and hug me and touch me and tell me how much they love me and that I’m inspiring to them. And that what it’s all about for me, really. It’s not necessarily all about commercial success. It’s about inspiring in the world and having what you do seen as art and a contribution to the world. Photo: Mitch Haaseth/NBC

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