Credit: Barbara Nitke/Lifetime Television(2)

Are we missing something? What’s with all the animosity toward Michael C.? Sure, he’s no Christian Siriano, but the guy seems fairly nice and capable enough to at least be on Project Runway – not to mention talented in the judges’ eyes. Yet, Thursday’s episode opened and closed with the designers expressing disdain for the designer who’s won two challenges so far. Perhaps there’s something about him we haven’t quite seen yet.

What we did see, though, were some hideous dresses, courtesy of this week’s models – a bevy of former bridesmaids who brought their most frumptastic frocks to the runway. Designers were challenged to redesign the dresses using the existing material and just two additional yards of fabric from Mood.

Faced with super-shiny fabrics and embellishments like bows, rhinestones and pleats, the designers had their work cut out for them. Particularly April, who had an especially picky client, and Christopher, whose model dropped out, leaving him with a new, potentially more difficult dress.

Naturally, there was a twist: Instead of hitting the runway the next day, contestants would be displaying their works in a designer showcase, where the public would judge their looks.

Mondo‘s mod pink and black cocktail dress was a hit with showcase attendees, while Michael D.‘s hot pink lace- and chiffon-covered frock was pretty unpopular. Michael C. earned props, too, though the other designers suspected he was sabotaging Ivy, telling a passerby she was the “bitch of the show” (ouch!). In the workroom the next day, he swore he hadn’t said any such thing, an ‘apology’ she chose to ignore. Hmmm.

On the runway, Andy, Christopher, Gretchen and Mondo stood out, though Peach and Valerie‘s dresses were just sad. Both ended up in the bottom, along with Michael D., whose dress “went from bridesmaid to bat mitzvah,” according to judge Michael Kors.

The top three were Christopher, Michael C. and Mondo. Surprisingly, Michael C. nabbed the win for a busy black dress topped with lace. While we loved Christopher’s one-shouldered gold number and Mondo’s adorable dress, the judges praised Michael C. for a mini that Heidi Klum called “edgy, hip and feminine.” Nina Garcia and guest judge Cynthia Rowley (who recently launched her own bridesmaid collection) concurred.

Though Valerie’s dress lost points for poor construction and fit, it was Peach who ultimately went home for her green garment gone wrong – a dress that Kors thought was a bit “Holly Hobby” with avocado “dinner napkins” on the sides, to boot. But she took her loss in stride, telling the other designers she “had the time of her life.” We’ll definitely miss her cheery disposition and cute quips (“I can sell ice in Iceland!”) in the workroom. – Kate Hogan