Instead of tiki torches and bug-eating, the Sarah Palin series would feature Alaska fishing boats and gold mines

By Catherine Donaldson-evans
Updated March 05, 2010 06:50 PM

Ready for Survivor: Wasilla? Don’t count on it.

When producer Mark Burnett says he’s shopping a reality show featuring Sarah Palin, he’s not thinking bikinis, tiki torch-lit tribal councils or anything involving bug eating.

And nobody will tell the losing VP candidate, “You’re fired.”

“What it’s not is a reality show following her around, getting up in the morning, or [about] her family and all the salacious stuff,” the Survivor and Apprentice producer tells The Associated Press.

What it is all about, in his vision, is along the lines of the Discovery Channel’s Planet Earth. Picture the 46-year-old ex-Alaska governor visiting fishing boats – minus any deadliest catching – or taking a trip to a gold mine.

Says Burnett: “It’s being in and experiencing the great charm and beauty of Alaska with Sarah Palin.”