Rollerblades and a Record Player! All the Items from Priyanka Chopra's Wedding Registry

"[Wedding planning] is fun — and it should be!" says Priyanka Chopra

Despite her approaching wedding date, Priyanka Chopra isn’t letting any bride-to-be pressure go to her head.

“A lot of people get so stressed about weddings and I think we lose the charm,” says Chopra, who is engaged to Nick Jonas. “[Wedding planning] is fun — and it should be!”

The 36-year-old Quantico star set up a wedding registry through Amazon and says she enjoyed the process of picking various items for home and lifestyle.

“Amazon makes sense for a registry because there are such incredible things you can find under one roof,” she says. “These are the kinds of things I want when I build a home.”


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On the list? Plenty of items for entertaining and decor, including a Riedel wine decanter, Jonathan Adler throw pillow and Dorotea dinner plates.

“I’ve always been an entertainer,” says Chopra. “My home is always bustling with loved ones. I have a very close-knit set of friends and so does Nick and I like being a host.”

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Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Rob Kim/Getty

Continues Chopra: “My mom always taught me this, it’s a little classic and old-fashioned, but it’s always very important to be house proud. In my country there’s a saying, in Sanskrit, which means that a guest should be treated how you treat God.”

A Crosley record player not only adds “character” but plenty of ambiance. “I’ve always loved a record player,” says Chopra. “I just love the sound — I play everything from Ariana Grande to The Chainsmokers on my record player. It looks so cool. And every party with me ends up in a dance party. It just has to happen!”

Crosley Record Player. Amazon

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When it comes to décor, “my style is homey, but classic,” says the actress. “I don’t like clutter and I love having space. Thank God Nick and I have similar tastes! He’s a lot more masculine, but we make our home, which we will next year, we have to figure out a way to meet in the middle.”

Chopra’s dog Diana gets a little love on the registry too. “She’s quite the princess,” says the actress, who registered for a a Blueberry Pet dog bed and collar as well as an Ellie Dog Wear rain jacket for her pup. “She lives a good life, let’s just say. And she refuses to walk outside when it’s raining. She refuses!” (Photos of Diana can be produced from another of Chopra’s registry items — the Canon IVY wireless printer.)

Rollerblades. Amazon

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Chopra also registered for fitness items — including a Keiser stationary bike, AmazonBasics dumbbells and a pair of Rollerblades.

“That is my ’90s teen calling out to me,” says Chopra with a laugh. “When I was in high school in the ’90s I used to rollerblade and I thought I was all that. I haven’t done it for a while. I wonder if Nick can rollerblade!”


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As for the rest of the gym-related equipment, Chopra admits it’s somewhat aspirational. “I’m at a place in life where I’m trying to be a little more disciplined about working out,” she says. “I’m always looking for reasons not to go to the gym and if it’s lying there in front of you, maybe I’ll do it!”

As far as the Vitamix Blender, “my friends swear by it so I thought I should attempt it,” says Chopra. “Nick and I don’t cook at all, but we both love eating!”

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