Priyanka Chopra opens up about her scary on-set accident


Priyanka Chopra isn’t letting a frightening fall slow her down!

The newly crowned People’s Choice Awards winner for favorite TV drama actress suffered a concussion on the set of her hit show Quantico after she fell and hit her head while performing a stunt. But after a few days of rest, Chopra is back at work and ready to save New York City once again as Alex Parrish — though her injury still smarts a bit.

“I’m all right. I’m a little sore still and I have to take it easy, but I’m okay,” Chopra tells PEOPLE. “I’m done resting after three days, I can’t do more than that. It was three days of just sitting on my couch, in my bed and I was ready to get back to work. The doctors okay’d me to travel as long as I don’t do any physical activity, as in stunts and stuff. But it was a little bit of a scare, I have to admit.”

She tells PEOPLE that “there’s no one to blame” for the accident and it was just a “series of unfortunate events” that culminated in her slipping while performing a stunt. “It was raining and the roads were wet and I was in rubber boots and we were running out of time,” the actress says of the lead up to the fall. “I wasn’t warned of the conditions that were outside before we went and me and my colleague, both of us fell and we were both rushed to the ER.”

Though the identity of her costar that was rushed to the ER alongside her has to remain a secret in order to not spoil major plot points of the show, Chopra says she feels better now a week later and isn’t hesitant to continue doing stunts on the show.

“I absolutely feel safe on set,” Chopra assures. “My show is an extremely physical show. We shoot nine scenes a day, we are an extremely fast-paced show and I have a lot of physicality. So yeah, things can happen, and the producers are very, very aware and concerned and they’ve been really wonderful with me. So I’m pretty sure it won’t happen [again], but when you do stunts, that happens.”

The Indian actress went back to work Monday after being rushed to the hospital the previous Thursday, and production made sure to accommodate her to make sure she wasn’t pushing herself too hard after the concussion. “On Monday I went back and production figured out scenes where we were just indoors in the studio and it was comfortable for me,” she says. “I finished all the stunts I had to do within this episode so by the time we get to what we have to do in the next one I should be okay. It wasn’t serious for production at all but scary for me.”

But although Quantico won’t be slowed down due to its lead actress’ injury, there is still one major source of fallout for Chopra — her doctor-ordered neck brace. “I’m supposed to wear a neck brace, but it’s just so ugly!” the actress admits with a laugh. “I couldn’t make it pretty at all so I decided to wear it only behind closed doors.”

The former Miss World may have not been able to make her brace fashionable, but at least she still got to rock heels when accepting her People’s Choice Award Wednesday night — but don’t tell her doctor! “I haven’t told my doctor I’m in heels, so I don’t know how he’ll feel about that, though he knows now,” she told PEOPLE Now before the show. “So, too bad! It is what it is.”

Quantico returns Monday at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.