By People Staff
November 01, 2007 12:00 AM


Addison and Pete kissed in last night’s episode, and this smooch was not just part of an Addison dream.

After telling Addison earlier that he’d been married once and was only interested in having “fun,” she laid a big ol’ kiss on him as the two stood overlooking the beach. She then informed him that she’s not just looking for fun. “I don’t want fun . . . and a person should get what she wants,” says Addison. Says Sam, who interrupted his kissin’ colleagues: “You’re in it now, man.” And previews for the next new episode, which hints at another AddiPete mash session, suggests he is right.

Meanwhile, we love the light-heartedness that most Private Practice episodes throw at us, but now we realize what’s been keeping us from really committing to the new Grey’s Anatomy spin-off: The same heart that creator Shonda Rhimes used to hook us on GA.

But last night’s Practice was, well, light on the lightness, heavy on the drama to get us invested in the characters.

Some major revelations: Receptionist Dell has a massive crush on Naomi, and he was abused while growing up. And then there’s the Charlotte backstory: After checking into Oceanside Wellness for insomnia, we learn she was a drug addict and she wasn’t loved enough as a child.

We also think she might now have a crush on Dr. Pete, since it was his homeopathic methods–and his caring touch– that finally left her sleeping like a baby. And if you’re getting some strong love triangle vibes off this little interaction, you’re not alone.

Also, one more tidbit for the Pete file: Charlotte guessed that the reason he switched to “magnets and hoodoo” instead of practicing traditional medicine is that he’s afraid of killing . He didn’t deny it, so expect to revisit that in the future.

So, tell us: Did delving into the characters’ backstories reel you in last night? And are you glad Addison and Pete are finally getting their romance on? –Kimberly Potts