October 04, 2007 12:00 AM

Still not lovin’ PP as much as GA (Grey’s Anatomy, of course), but last night’s second outing of the spinoff series definitely improved upon last week’s premiere.

The baby-swapping storyline? Heartbreaking! Imagine being the parent who finds out not only that the baby you’ve raised for months isn’t yours, but that your actual child has a disease that may kill her before she turns five. The only thing harsher is that one of the fathers in this unfortunate baby imbroglio was the swapper. Elsewhere, Naomi is freaking out because she thinks Sam is diggin’ a stripper Cooper hired for him, and Addison is freaking out because she thinks Pete’s got his eye on the stripper. They were both wrong: Both docs actually noticed her stripperly behind, but only because there was some sort of rash covering it.

Sam was also involved with a family whose elderly mom was poisoning her adult son and teen grandson so they’d become sick when they drank alcohol. Sam ultimately went along with Grandma’s DIY rehab plot, which was probably unethical and almost definitely illegal, but did in fact seem to work.

Also loved the show’s lighter moments, like Naomi’s jealousy re: Ginger the stripper and Pete’s offer to kiss Addison again (she SO wanted him to). It’s moments like those that remind us where Addison came from, and hint at the show Private Practice just might become.

One nitpicky thing: Has anyone noticed that everyone on this show–from the doctors to the guest stars–seems to be looking though windows all the time? What’s up with that?

And tell us: What did you think of last night’s episode? Are you feeling the love yet for the Oceanside Wellness gang? Or do you think Addison should still hightail it back to Seattle Grace? –Kimberly Potts


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