Private Practice: The Last New Episode of the Year

Tonight’s Private Practice (ABC, 9:00 p.m. ET))–the last new episode of the year!–promises an awkward love triangle, a secret affair and yet more perils for Addison on the dating front. In an episode titled “In Which Dell Finds His Fight,” the cutie-pie-midwife declares his love for Naomi. Too bad she’s got that office romp with her ex Sam hanging over her.

Cooper and Charlotte, fresh off their weird Internet-hookup-in-a-bar scene of last week, decide that hot sex might be just the cure for what ails them. In Cooper’s case, that would be Violet. In Charlotte’s case, who knows? Probably some deep-seated childhood issues that left her emotionally scarred and unable to commit to anything resembling a real relationship. Just sayin’…

As for Addison, sparks fly between her and the paramedic, so Pete’s starting to wonder if maybe he missed the boat. Ya think?! Life is never simple at the Oceanside Wellness Center. Thank goodness.

So, are you excited to catch the last episode of the year? –Jane Boursaw

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