Who will be attending the wedding of the show's makeup artist?
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With Shondaland practically taking over the airwaves, could Private Practice be primed for a return?

Well, not quite.

And not even on this continent, but Amy Brenneman, who played Dr. Violet Turner on the series, recently told PEOPLE that there is a reunion of sorts in the works.

“I’m going actually to Spain, without my family for a wedding,” the actress said of her holiday plans Tuesday while attending Steve Janssen’s ‘Brain Change’ One Night Solo Exhibition in Los Angeles. “Actually, I don’t want to say this because [people] are going to salivate, but it’s for Sergio [Lopez-Rivera], our makeup artist.”

Of course all it would take is the nuptials of the man that kept the cast looking great for six seasons to get the band back together, and Brenneman did little to hide her glee at the prospect of cutting loose with her former castmates.

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“So it’s me, and Kate Walsh, and Taye Diggs and Paul [Adelstein], and there’s a whole bunch of Private Practice folks that are going to be partying their asses off in Northern Spain,” she said, before adding, “But don’t say that if it’s going to make people crazy, but it’s going to be a really fun party.”

As if there was any doubt about that.