January 23, 2009 12:00 AM

More relationship drama preoccupied the doctors at Oceanside Wellness on last night’s Private Practice, with some couples coming together (Charlotte and Cooper), other couples falling apart (Addison and Kevin) and (gasp!) one unplanned pregnancy (Violet).

It was definitely over between Addison and Kevin. Sensing that something wasn’t quite right, Kevin kept asking what it was she wasn’t telling him, but she insisted she wasn’t hiding anything. Her guilty conscience eventually got the better of her and she confessed she kissed another man and that moment was the only time in the last few months that she hadn’t felt a knot in her stomach. Addison seemed relieved to have told Kevin the truth; now she could be free to pursue Wyatt freely. But what a shock she got when she walked into Wyatt’s office: She found her brother and Naomi on top of each other. We’ll have to wait til next week to see how that one plays out… Meanwhile, it looked like it was back on for Charlotte and Cooper. They went back to having amazing sex and playing dress-up, or at least that’s what Cooper thought when Charlotte proposed they get married. But it was no joke. She asked Cooper if he would marry her in Vegas that night. There’s no question that Cooper is in love with Charlotte, but he couldn’t understand why she wanted to rush things. She said she couldn’t walk down an aisle without her father and it became clear to Cooper that she needed time to grieve her father’s death. “Your wedding day should be the happiest day of our life, and I want you beaming when you come down that aisle. That’s how our marriage should begin,” he said.

But the biggest shocker of the night had to be Violet’s pregnancy. She was acting strange, laughing hysterically without cause, but the reason behind her mood swings became clear: “I am more afraid than I’ve ever been in my life. I’m pregnant and that is paralyzingly, terrifyingly scary for me,” Violet told her agoraphobic patient Nora about knowing what it was like to be scared. Yet, her even bigger confession was to Cooper: she had no idea who the father was and didn’t know what she was going to do (watch the clip). –Alondra Hernandez

Tell us: Should Violet keep the baby? And who do you think is the baby’s daddy?

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