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November 06, 2008 12:00 AM

It’s Jena’s day! Wait. Who’s Jena? That’s what Addison wanted to know when the entire Oceanside Wellness gang left her in the dark after making a big hoopla about Jena. Turns out Jena is a 17-year-old patient whose dying wish was to have a baby. And since the facility had made the decision to help Jena long before Addison’s arrival, Naomi made it clear she needed to stay out of it. But Addison had strong feelings against it citing that both Jena and her husband Nick, also 17, were too young to be having a baby, especially if the baby was going be left without a mother. Addison helped Nick realize that a baby was not what he wanted, which only pissed off Naomi even more. She accused Addison of sabotaging the treatment and questioned whether Addison was going to be so controlling now that she was in charge. Looks like Naomi is still stinging from her loss. If that wasn’t enough, as newly appointed leader Addison had to figure out a way to get $487,000 in order to keep the practice afloat. Meanwhile, the other doctors each had drama of their own to deal with. Cooper thought it was time he leave his fooling around days behind him and commit to a monogamous relationship with Charlotte who agreed. So what does that mean for them? For one thing, no more using condoms. From now on birth control pills for Charlotte and HIV tests for the both of them.

Coop’s BFF Violet (who seems relegated to the friends zone) was confronted with another friendship dilemma: should she help her old friend Kara Wei, who is running for Congress, destroy her medical records that contain information that could potentially jeopardize her campaign. Kara did the old girlfriend guilt trip, reminding Violet how she supported through when she was getting over her rape. Knowing it was an ethical breach (one which could revoke her medical license), Violet went through with it anyway, sort of. She handed over the medical records to Kara who decided the documents were more important than her friendship with Violet and proceeded to shred her file.

Dell (aka The Enforcer) made a surprising revelation to Addison after getting tired of his administrative duties as the enforcer of overdue payments–the practice has additional unused office space on a separate floor. Addison saw it as the perfect opportunity to raise the cash needed by leasing the office space. Sam and Naomi, though, were as usual completely against it, claiming that space would eventually get used as an expansion to their practice, not to mention the personal memories it held (it’s where their daughter learned to walk). But Addison already had a tenant lined up: Charlotte! That ought to be convenient for a quickie office romp, which seems to be the M.O. for the docs at Oceanside.

It seems memories are all that is left of Sam and Naomi’s relationship. After getting caught together in bed by their daughter and assuring her they were getting back together, the couple finally came to terms about their relationship. “I’m afraid we keep falling back together not because it’s right but because we want to hold on to what we know,” Naomi said.

By the way, Pete’s new love interest was nothing but a one-episode tease. Meg said bye-bye to Pete as she headed to Ghana. –Alondra Hernandez

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

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