By People Staff
Updated October 09, 2008 12:00 AM

Oceanside Wellness was in full meltdown on last night’s Private Practice, with the fallout from Sam’s coup d’ tat last week affecting everyone.

Not surprisingly, Naomi (Audra McDonald) wasn’t speaking to Addison (Kate Walsh) or Sam (Taye Diggs) unless it was work-related. Office manager Dell (Chris Lowell) left, to be replaced by an attractive, ditzy temp who forgets to give Sam important messages.

Violet (Amy Brenneman), the resident shrink, experienced a major freak out over all the changes. After Sam erected a whiteboard covered in colorful dots to represent each doctor’s appointments (to show who’s bringing in money and who’s not), followed by acupuncturist Pete (Tim Daly) ordering a fat-melting contraption Violet dubs the “defatillator,” she whined to best bud Cooper (Paul Adelstein) that she “can’t take it.” It’s then she realized her friendship with Coop was in danger right along with the struggling practice, as he still hasn’t confided in her about his relationship with the hot doctor down the street, Charlotte (KaDee Strickland). Sam’s focus on the bottom line interfered with his judgment about a 17-year-old terminal patient named Kirk. The boy begged for the uncomfortable … but life-prolonging — tube to be removed from his throat, but his father won’t hear of it: “We’re gonna fight this,” dad Charlie told Sam. Sam obliged because Charlie threatens to take his company’s lucrative business away from Oceanside. As Sam intubates the boy, a tear slowly runs down Kirk’s face. Sam later comes to his senses and confronted Charlie: “I understand wanting to throw everything at a problem. But you end up losing a bit of yourself along the way.” He removed the tube and Charlie cries as he watches his son die.

Cooper and Violet faced their first friendship fight of the season, which is resolved when a lice-ridden Coop realized he’s literally got an itch only Violet can, um, scratch. As Violet begrudgingly shampooed him and combed the lice eggs out of his foaming hair, he said, “All you do is lie.” An apologetic Cooper explained, “I didn’t tell you because Charlotte said I couldn’t, and I was scared of what you’d think. She’s mean and bossy and rude.” And yet he still “might” love her. A relieved Violet said simply, “Thank you.”

While one relationship is patched up, another continued its downward spiral. Naomi, still hurting over Sam’s takeover of the practice, told him, “I just needed a little faith.” Sam pointed out she should have had enough faith in “them” to reveal the practice’s financial troubles. Naomi then focused her rage on Addison, who reminded her she “gave up a hell of a lot to come down here.” Irrelevant, said a hurt Naomi: “Some things just can’t be undone.”

Addison’s love life was also up in the air. We learn her date with officer Kevin was “good,” but he hasn’t called since. In the end she left him a rambling voicemail, including the news that “I just lost my best friend.” Still, she seemed hopeful, telling Naomi as she left the office: “You’re gonna forgive me eventually.”

And while work stress affected all the doctors, the panacea seems to be sex… lots of it. Cooper told Charlotte about his chat with Violet, to which she responded, “I hate you… ..get your clothes off.” Pete and the temp are (surprise!) shown in a steamy clinch, and Sam and Naomi engaged in what she called “hate sex” after visiting his home and informing him she’s going to be “furious for a very long time.” –Sara Hammel

Tell us what you think: Will Naomi ever forgive Addison? Do you like this Kevin-Addison-Pete love triangle?