Private Practice Recap: Doc Swap

It was a night of lies and cheating on Thursday’s Private Practice. Both Archer and Charlotte cheated on their significant others… with each other no less, while Addison kept the truth about her brother from Naomi. But the good news? Violet and Sheldon are making amends.

Now that Archer is as healthy as ever, he’s back to his old ways. Just as Naomi was gushing to Addison about how great things were with Archer and how she feels she finally has a boyfriend, Addison walked in on Archer making out with some random chick. The next day, brother and sister got into a heated argument when Addison refused to cover for Archer, but he reminded her that she did the same thing when she slept with her ex-husband’s best friend. Almost makes us wish he would have died from those parasites, no? Caught between coming clean with Naomi and turning a blind eye to remain loyal to her brother, Addison finally reached her limit when she walked in on Archer again, only this time he was with Charlotte. Charlotte?! Addison fessed up to Naomi, but left out the part about Charlotte, which was probably a good thing because that would have stung. By the time Naomi went looking for Archer, he was gone. Archer went back to New York. Charlotte proved to have more guts than Archer. She walked right into Cooper’s office and without any hesitation blurted out that she had slept with Addison’s brother. It’s fair to say Charlotte was probably trying to get back at Cooper for moving in with Violet to help her raise her baby, but Charlotte’s childish ways didn’t work. Cooper made it clear he wasn’t going anywhere. She burst into tears and apologized. “This one I can overlook,” said Cooper, “But you have to think long and hard about testing me because next time I’m gone. Grow the hell up and be in this relationship.” We wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually does end up pushing him away.

Violet, meanwhile, was making progress with Sheldon. Sheldon, who has been missing from the last few episodes, finally remerged asking Violet to help him lead a couples therapy session. The topic of discussion? Communication–something that Violet has been having trouble with after finding out she was pregnant. She told Sheldon she didn’t say anything about the pregnancy because she was shocked. The pregnancy was unplanned and the whole thing was unfamiliar territory so she’s “just trying to roll with it the best way” she can. –Alondra Hernandez

Tell us: Are you glad to see Archer go? Should Cooper have forgiven Charlotte’s slip-up?

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