By People Staff
Updated October 23, 2008 12:00 AM

The one bright spot for Addison in Wednesday’s Private Practice came in the form of cute cop Kevin Nelson (David Sutcliffe) popping up on the street bearing donuts. He assured her he liked her “rambling” voicemail from last week and apologized for not calling after their hot date. “I promise,” he said, “to do better. I came to woo.” (Watch the clip.) They made a date for lunch … on a bench in the middle of the workday … followed by a real date (more later).

In the midst of his renewed affair with his ex-wife, Sam (Taye Diggs) was doubting his ability to keep the practice running, fretting about whether to put up billboards or hire a marketing consultant. No one had time for pleasantries as they scrambled to cut costs and bring in business, with Pete saying life at Oceanside Wellness is “like going through a divorce, only we have to keep living together.” When Cooper brought in one new patient, Sam said sarcastically, “Maybe we can build a new wing.” Naomi still wasn’t talking to Addison (Kate Walsh) outside work, and Violet (Amy Brenneman) wasn’t talking to Naomi. In a parallel universe, Dell … who popped up working at the hospital down the road … was also not talking to Naomi. As icicles shot from Dell’s eyes, Naomi asked him to come back to Oceanside and admitted: “I took you for granted.”

Addison got a break when, inexplicably, she went to the hospital for a little bandage for her knee after falling off a treadmill and Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) offered her a crack at a surgery. Soon Addison was heading into her second infant surgery of the day and Charlotte had offered her a full-time job. Addison was in her element, but eventually she turned down the gig. “I have a job. A home,” she told Charlotte.

Violet treated a woman who couldn’t sleep because she’s terrified of her son, who killed the family beagle. Violet got to the bottom of it by pestering the boy until he admitted to killing the dog … not because he’s a psychopath but because the dog had cancer. The boy knew his mother couldn’t afford to euthanize the dog or treat him after going bankrupt from paying her late husband’s medical bills, and with Violet’s probing the boy finally cried for his pet.

Cooper’s (Paul Adelstein) biggest problem was a baby with an oversized head (“ginormous,” according to Coop). He compared himself to the baby, worrying he’d be the first one kicked out of the practice for not bringing in enough patients and for being different. Girlfriend Charlotte posited that being different isn’t so bad … “Lincoln, JFK… Elvis” all had extra large heads, she assured him. He, in turn, assuaged the baby’s mother’s worries with the same argument.

Then suddenly, everyone started talking. Addison told Dell he was hiding out at the hospital and avoiding his problems. Pete and Addison (awkwardly) labeled themselves as just friends. Violet told Naomi: “You hurt my feelings” because in confiding to Violet about her affair with Sam, Naomi was using her to replace Addison. “You can’t just make me your Addison again,” she cried. “Work it out with Addison.” She also implored Naomi to be honest with Sam about how he hurt her by stealing her job.

When Dell strode into the practice with a list of demands and Sam refused to hire him back, Naomi went off. “You took my job,” she said, ordering Sam to stop asking for her advice. “I am not going to help you.” Sam, realizing he needed Dell’s help, gave in.

Addison worked off all that tension on her next date with the cute cop. He took her to a firing range, where shooting a weapon got her in the mood and the pair got into some serious smooching in between shots. — Sara Hammel

Tell us: Is the chemistry still there for Addison and Pete, or is cute cop a better suitor? Should Naomi finally forgive Addison?