October 17, 2007 12:00 AM

There’s much to love about this fan-created tribute to a hot-n-sweet smooch between Private Practice docs Addison (Kate Walsh) and Pete (Tim Daly). First, well, it’s hot! And sweet!

Secondly, that infectious Ingrid Michaelson song has been stuck in our heads for weeks now since we first heard it in that ubiquitous Old Navy sweater commercial, and it’s the perfect accompaniment to what seemed to be the beginnings of an Addison + Pete (AddiPete?) hookup in last year’s pseudo pilot for the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off. And it got us to thinking… is this why Grey’s fans have been reluctant to embrace Private Practice (tonight, 9 p.m. ET, ABC) so far? Were we banking on this new romance for Addison, and have been unsatisfied with the fact that there’s been no smoochin’ in her new L.A. life? And is it just us, or did Daly hint at some serious McDreamy-like potential with that kiss?

Tell us: Will some interoffice lovin’ get PP on track? And is a frisky interaction between Addison and Pete just what you’d prescribe to finally turn Private Practice into the must-see-TV it should be? –Kimberly Potts


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