Private Practice Ends the Year with Three Love Triangles?!

Go Dell! The mild-mannered midwife finally finds his voice in last night’s Private Practice. First he told Sam where to go. And it’s not on Naomi’s doorstep, because that’s where he wants to be. “Every time she walks away from you, she’s miserable!” says Dell. “I care! She dazzles me! I love her!”

Apparently, she still dazzles Sam, which makes us wonder why he and Naomi split up in the first place. Anyway, things get dicey when Dell plants a big wet one on Naomi, then makes his second declaration of love to the object of his adoration. Minutes later Sam plants a big wet one on Naomi. Looks like Naomi needs to reapply her lip gloss and mull over some weighty decisions… Meanwhile Cooper and Charlotte have sex on their minds, getting hot and heavy under the covers–and everywhere else. They cool off after he steals her idea for a dads-to-be class and takes it to Oceanside, but the two end up back in the sack, with Cooper wondering aloud whether sex equals dating. Sounds like Cooper is trying to talk himself into believing he’s over Violet, but we’re not quite convinced his thing for the shrink is really over.

And then there’s Addison and her love triangle. Sparks fly between Addison and Kevin, the cop from last week. And it finally catches Pete’s attention. To drive the point home further, young Dell says to Pete about Naomi: “She’s worth fighting for” –a sentiment that strikes Pete as something he should be doing with Addison! But it might be too little too late. The show ends with poor Pete knocking on Addison’s door while she’s flirting with the cute cop at his precinct.

So now that we’ve come to the last episode for the year (yes, this was it!), are you feelin’ the love for Private Practice and looking forward to seeing how these complicated, messy love affairs will play out? Or, are you ready to pack it in now that the show’s on hiatus? –Jane Boursaw

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