October 25, 2007 12:00 AM

Pete’s one-handed push-ups: let’s just start off by saying that was a good thing. A gooood thing.

Also good on last night’s Private Practice: Violet’s fantasy–her incredibly detailed fantasy–about former President Clinton; Cooper bringing Violet Roscoe’s chicken and waffles after what he assumed was going to be a bad outing with her ex; and Dell’s foray into performing gyno exams.

Poor Dell was almost done in by his boyish good looks, when one patient was too turned on by him to allow him to continue the exam, while an older patient found him too young to be rooting around in her private parts. Or, as she more colorfully put it, “I’m not having a child poke around in Ladytown… I have facial hair older than you.” On the more serious side, Addison’s nightly fantasies about Pete were interrupted by her surprise emergency patient: Naomi and Sam’s 13-year-old daughter Maya, who came to “Auntie Addison” because she suspected she might have gonorrhea. And according to state law, Addison was legally prevented from telling Maya’s ‘rents about her patient, even if they are her best friends.


In the end, it turned out that Maya was actually going through the exam to get medical advice for a sexually active friend of hers who did actually have gonorrhea, and a very dangerous pregnancy. Violet and Sam, meanwhile, treated a patient who wanted to take an experimental drug to help her forget the trauma she’d suffered after being sexually assaulted. And Pete had the tough job of telling an Olympic-caliber runner that she had a condition that could end her career.

All’s well that ended well, though, with both the Cooper/Violet and Pete/Addison pairings continuing to move towards… something, even if it is at a much slower pace than we’d like.

“Addipete” may continue to creep along for awhile, too, even after the duo admitted fantasizing about each other, to each other. Addison, armed with fantasies of “Cowboy Pete” and “Gladiator Pete,” went home to her shower head, re: Violet and Naomi’s advice that she “scratch the itch” sparked by thoughts of Pete.

What’d you think of the episode? Did the writers do a good job of meshing some very serious storylines with lighter ones? Are you frustrated with the lack of between-the-sheets action amongst the very pretty cast? And which character or storyline would you like to see get more play in upcoming episodes? –Kimberly Potts

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