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December 04, 2008 12:00 AM

Meg returned to Oceanside Wellness to work things out with recent love interest Pete. While she’s there, she offered her services to the local Venice Family Clinic, which had an overflow of patients and not enough exam rooms. Naomi told Meg she can treat her patients at Oceanside when the Venice clinic was full, but missed one little detail — that Meg would be performing abortions. The news came as a surprise to the staff, although most were respectful of Meg’s practice. Violet and Addison even opened up about having abortions in the past and respect for what Meg.

But Naomi, Dell and Pete had an issue with Meg’s decision. “You’re a doctor who’s working with six other doctors who have opinions about cases and about the reputation of their practice,” Pete argued. Naomi said she was pro-life and did not believe abortions had a place at Oceanside Wellness, where they help women get pregnant (and not the other way around). No one had a tougher time accepting the practice than Dell, who scared off Meg’s first patient. He confided in Naomi that he once tried talking his daughter’s mother into getting an abortion and felt guilty. “You are not against a woman’s right to choose,” Naomi said. “You’re just punishing yourself for the choice you almost made.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte asked Addison for her assistance with a pregnant patient, Elena, who was in a coma after a car accident and was in early labor. The patient’s boyfriend Shawn refused to allow Addison to perform a C-section on Elena to save the baby because he thought the process of labor would wake her from her coma. But a judge intervened and decided that Elena’s parents had the authority to make decisions on her behalf and Addison was able to perform the C-section. Addison told Shawn, who felt responsible for the accident, she would perform a miracle — and that bringing a baby into the world was itself a miracle — but Elena died during the operation after going into cardiac arrest. The baby was delivered just in time.

Aside from assisting with Elena, Charlotte was genuinely worried about her relationship with Cooper. She even asked Addison for advice on what she should do and if she thought Cooper would forgive her. That’s when Addison realized Charlotte was in love with him. Charlotte confronted Cooper and apologized. She said she was willing to do the time and wait for him, but Cooper wasn’t ready to forgive. Maybe a baby will change his mind.

Back at Pete’s place, Meg, who didn’t come home until the following day, wanted to know why Pete had changed so much. He’s either on or he’s off, she said, and when he’s off, he shuts her out completely.

“I have a dead wife that I hated — hated until the moment she was gone,” he explained. “The hate killed a piece of me. There’s a piece of me that no longer exists because of her … There are very few women I trust.” — Alondra HernandezEric McCandless/ABC

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