Priscilla Presley: Saying Yes to 'Dancing' Took Some 'Nerve'

How long did it take to convince Priscilla Presley to strap on her dancing shoes, put on sequins and perform in front of a national TV audience?

By her count, one week.

“I didn’t do it in a second, by the way,” she tells Oprah Winfrey on the talk-show host’s special Dancing with the Stars episode airing Thursday. “It was a week-long of negotiating and getting the nerve to do it and getting talked into it.”

For former Police Academy star Steve Guttenberg, it was a little more complicated.

“Well, I was told I’m doing The Bachelor, so I don’t know,” he joked. “They said Dancing and I said, well, I guess that’s a new Bachelor, you know, and I get to choose.” On a more serious note, he says, “I’m thrilled. This is gonna be so much fun. It’s my mom’s favorite show and we all just met and we were all hanging out and we all get along so well. It feels like a real group thing and that’s the spirit of the show.”

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