'Price Is Right' Model Rachel Reynolds: A Day in the Life — 'This Isn't Your Regular 9-5 Job'

"Every day is different," says Rachel Reynolds, who has been a Price Is Right model for nearly 20 years

rachel reynolds
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Rachel Reynolds has been a Price Is Right model for almost 20 years, but the game show veteran can't believe how quickly time has passed.

"It's like a child," Reynolds, 38, tells PEOPLE. "You blink and then they're grown up. I feel the same way for being on this show for going on 19 years. It just flew by!"

Reynolds, who is one the show's longest-running models, says that her job "never gets old," adding that one of the best parts is giving out prizes to unsuspecting contestants.

The Price Is Right's upcoming season, premiering Wednesday, marks the show's 50th.

drew carey
Drew Carey. Ella DeGea/CBS

"I still feel their excitement," says Reynolds. "Every day is different. Even though it's the same game show and we play tons of different games, it doesn't matter. We have new contestants, different personalities. So, it's the last thing from being boring at all. It's not your regular nine-to-five job as everyone knows."

Bob Barker hosted the show for 35 years before his retirement in 2007. Since then, Drew Carey has been at the helm.

Reynolds adds that fashion is another fun perk of the job. "I come into work with no makeup, wet hair, and I can come in joggers and in my tennis shoes," she says.

"I have the best hair and makeup, then they'll give me 30 to 40 different dresses or outfits, options to wear," she says. "I love it all. And I'm so, so fortunate!"

The Price Is Right returns Wednesday on CBS.

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