"Hello, she's in jail!" the actress jokes about how her fans want her character to date Ali

By Michele Corriston
Updated February 10, 2015 05:15 PM
Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Family/Getty

The hearts of Pretty Little Liars fans collectively broke during the winter premiere, when Paige (Lindsey Shaw) left Emily (Shay Mitchell) for an A-free existence in California.

Luckily, Em wasn’t alone for long: She just shared her second steamy kiss with The Brew’s new chef, Talia (Miranda Rae Mayo).

So, is Mitchell still Team Pailey?

“I love working with Lindsey Shaw so much, it’s always sad when you know that your story lines aren’t going to be together as much,” the star tells PEOPLE. “But at the same time, it’s going to be fun having a new character coming to Rosewood and to see how that relationship pans out.”

“I don’t blame her. She wants to get out of town, and who wouldn’t after all of that stuff and drama with A?” she adds of Paige. “I mean, you’d find me on a remote island with no cell phone near me. So I think it’s expected that she might kind of want to focus on school for the minute and not have to worry about her girlfriend or herself getting killed every weekend. ”

Mitchell, 27, is more concerned with the other girl viewers are shipping Emily with: maybe murderer and definite bully Alison (Sasha Pieterse), the Liars’ ousted queen bee.

“There are a lot of Emison fans out there that want to see something happen with Emily and Alison, even though I’m like, ‘Hello, she’s in jail! She could be the bad guy, and you still want me to be with her?’ ” she says, laughing. “But it’s nice to have fans for all the different girlfriends Emily has had.”

Mitchell’s also helping real people make love connections as the host of SweeTARTS’s Get Roped In, a dating show that air live on Twitter at the end of February.

In the series, YouTube stars and their fans go on group dates, participating in flirty activities incorporating the new SweeTARTS rope candy to see if “any sparks fly,” Mitchell says.

“You know that scene from Lady and the Tramp where they share the spaghetti? Well, they’re going to be sharing a SweeTARTS rope,” she explains.

Though you won’t find her dating online (“I’ve seen Catfish way too much”), Mitchell says Get Roped In offers Millennials something apps like Tinder don’t.

“So often, we’re used to being behind our computer screens and talking and meeting different people, so now this is really like eye-to-eye contact,” she says. “It’s going to be that personal connection that we don’t really get anymore.”

As for PLL, if Mitchell could craft the script, she’d want the girls to get the hell out of Dodge, A.K.A Rosewood.

“I think that they all go to Europe on a big trip and they leave all their cell phones and computers and everything and anything that A could get a hold of, they leave that behind, and after that they go to a remote island and vacation there to end the trip,” she says of her dream for the Liars. “I mean, that’s what I keep telling the writers. I’m always like, ‘Let’s have them go to Europe’ or ‘Let’s have them go to some remote island,’ but it hasn’t worked out so far.”

The actress, by the way, has chosen not to learn A’s identity from the PLL writers so she doesn’t have to worry about “blurting it out.”

But she still has her theories.

“I’ve thought of the parents, I’ve thought of each of the girls themselves, so I have no idea,” she says. “I’ve just kind of given up on guessing who it might be, and I’m just going to wait until I actually find out.”

And why should we watch on Tuesday night?

“You have to stay tuned for all of these episodes leading up to the season finale,” she says, “because they all play a part in the puzzle.”

PLL airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Family, and follow @SweeTartsCandy on Twitter for Get Roped In.