Credit: Modelinia; Marvel

Tim Gunn will get the superhero treatment when Marvel Comics releases an eight-page book as part of the Models Inc. series, a revival of the characters created in the ’70s to attract female readers.

In Loaded Gunn, the Project Runway mentor jumps into Iron Man’s suit to save the day at the New York Museum of Fashion, reports Women’s Wear Daily. A writer for the series worked with Gunn to come up with plotlines and to incorporate his familiar voice and catchphrases into superhero speak. Example: “You know, there are far easier ways to accessorize than grand larceny.”

This won’t be the first time a Project Runway star has been made into a superhero. Earlier this year, Heidi Klum could be seen saving New York Fashion Week in style from a death ray as The Kluminator in four episodes of the Web series Spiked Heel for fashion site

Modelinia; Marvel