By People Staff
Updated March 13, 2010 12:00 AM
Credit: Jacob Andrzejczak/WireImage

Remember that Will Smith song, “Miami,” that goes: welcome to Miami/bienvenido a Miami? Well, the cast of the Jersey Shore isn’t hearing it as they prepare to start filming their second season in South Beach.

In fact, according to reports, hotels and clubs in the area aren’t interested in being featured locations on the second season of the reality program. The show took some heat when its first season aired, with Italian-American groups protesting the cast’s use of the term “Guido” and “Guidette” (not to mention their non-stop party lifestyle) to describe themselves.

Jersey Shore was a hit and its stars — Nicole Snooki, Angelina Jolie, Jenni JWow, Mike The Situation, Ronnie, Sammy Sweetheart, Vinnie and DJ Pauly D — signed up for season 2, which was to be shot in a new, warm location.

But without nightclubs where they can pump their fists, meet potential hook-ups and get into fights, what kind of drama will there be?